8/22/22 - Let The Darkness In, Tap It On The Go, & Slip Into these Sippers

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Let The Darkness In! In a follow up to some crazy restrictive laws in Minnesota we’ve been following that were, thankfully repealed. And Surly’s Darkness Day is back! Get more on the story that’s making many beer lovers rejoice at https://startribune.com/after-a-change-in-minnesotas-craft-beer-laws-surlys-darkness-day-festival-back-but-will-the-fans/600199624/

Tap It On The Go with this new offering that’s hit Indiegogo, a portable cooler with two taps, and two mini-kegs. If this is exactly what you need, get over to the link and buy it while you can at https://newatlas.com/lifestyle/cooler-keg-portable-draft-beer-dispenser/

Slip Into these Sippers if you want to have a nice smooth experience. Seven Bourbons you should try if you haven’t had one before, or rekindle your relationship with an old favorite at https://whiskeyraiders.com/bourbon/7-smoothest-bourbons/

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