8/11/22 - Open Season on NA Beer, Too Many Options, & Win A Brewcation

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Open Season on NA Beer? According to Harpoon brewing Boston and Windsor, VT’s brewer is releasing Open League their first non-alcoholic beer. For more on the new offering, head to https://www.boston.com/community/beer/harpoon-brewery-launches-open-league-a-non-alcoholic-ipa/

Too Many Options, or just the right amount? Curation Bev Co. is releasing a collection of canned alcohol that include spirit-based craft cocktails, vodka hard seltzers, and wine spritzers. They plan to start rolling out in Colorado with beverages that range from 5%, 7%, and 9% ABV beverages. Get more at https://www.brewbound.com/news/new-brand-introduces-the-party-pack-a-multi-category-offering

Win A Brewcation with Anchor Brewing’s Brewer for a Day vacation. They just announced the 2022 contest on social media as part of "Steam Week" that includes a 3-day 2 night stay, airfare, and the chance to brew their beer for a day. https://vinepair.com/booze-news/anchor-brewing-sweepstakes/

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