7/13/22 - Headed to Beavertown, Rare Unique and Expensive & Chocolate Cocktails for everyone

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We’re headed to Beavertown and it tastes like raspberries here. If you want to put Eau De Musc Whiskey on your shelf, get the deets at http://tamworthdistilling.com/spirits/house-of-tamworth-eau-de-musc/

A Rare Unique ands Expensive release is scheduled ahead of National Tequila Day (on July 24th) PATRÓN Tequila and LALIQUE unveil their third collaboration with a not surprising name PATRÓN en LALIQUE: Serie 3. Only 299 bottles will be released at a steep price of $7500 on BlockBar.com - an NFT and rare wine and spirits seller. Get more at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/patron-tequila-unveils-patron-en-lalique-serie-3-301584664.html

Chocolate Cocktails for everyone! Champagne isn’t just for trading mildly masked jabs at the ex your sibling or former best friend stole during a toast - and it’s not just for mimosa’s either. Head to https://www.cocktailcontessa.com/new-years-champagne-cocktail/

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