6/30/22 - Turning Water Into Wine, Phish Food Comeback, & Park It In The Rear for $

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Turning Water Into Wine? Well, with just a few ingredients, yes. Check out more at https://www.sfchronicle.com/food/wine/article/east-bay-wine-flowers-17268363.php

Brace yourself because there’s a Phish Food Comeback with Lawson’s Finest releasing Hopecelot! If you aren’t aware, it’s inspired by the legendary VT band, Phish, and its song “Ocelot.”  For the full description and links to Lawson’s Finest to locate it near you, head to https://thefullpint.com/beer-news/lawsons-finest-liquid-phish-inspired-hopcelot-ipa-returns/

Park It In The Rear for $? It’s not what it sounds like - it’s a new way for wineries, breweries, farms, golf courses, and more to make cash and provide a great experience for those traveling in an RV. To find out more, or offer up your own space, learn more at https://www.craftbrewingbusiness.com/business-marketing/breweries-that-host-rv-travelers-via-harvest-hosts-can-earn-some-extra-cash/

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