6/20/22 Ep 183 - American Eagles and Beer, Is Your Whiskey Crabby, & FBI Busts Whiskey Scammers!

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American Eagles and Beer go together like Burgers and buns - it’s American Eagle Day, let’s celebrate that! Get more info on the partnership at https://www.yuengling.com/news/yuengling-and-american-eagle-foundation-continue-partnership-to-protect-iconic-u-s-symbol/

Your Whiskey might be crabby, but how do you tell? To get more on the project and to learn more about the Crab Trapper whiskey - head to https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffkart/2022/06/15/invasive-green-crabs-turned-into-whiskey-by-tamworth-distilling/?sh=7f696eaffd8c

Let’s all celebrate one of the latest wins against scammers as the FBI recently Busted some Whiskey Investment Scammers! To learn more, so maybe it doesn’t happen to you or anyone you know, check out  https://whiskeyraiders.com/article/wine-whiskey-investment-scam/

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