5/5/22 - Cinco De Mayo with Los Magos sotol, The Best Cerveza (Lagers), & after dinner cocktails

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It’s Cinco de Mayo! Let’s talk about sotol from Los Magos (which roughy translates means Wizard or magician). You can find out more and maybe get ahead of this trend at https://www.forbes.com/sites/bradjaphe/2022/05/04/on-cinco-de-mayo-go-beyond-tequila-with-this-other-magical-mexican-spirit/

Now let’s talk about Cerveza.. ok, specifically the best lagers. Introduce yourself to what could be a whole new world of lagers, and some that you may be surprised to find aren’t lagers, at https://bisonbrew.com/best-lagers/

And another ‘best of’ list - these are supposed to be the best after-dinner cocktails in the world. Get the list here and go see if your favorite is mentioned, or maybe your new favorite is? https://www.tastingtable.com/841657/the-absolute-best-after-dinner-cocktails/

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