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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

5/4/22 Ep 151- May the 4th, Burlington Wine & Food fest, & affordable small batch tequila!?

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Since it’s Star Wars Day, let’s talk about California Wild Ales who has announced their 4th Annual “May the Fourth be With You” celebration of all things Star Wars. Old favorites will be on hand for both the Rebel Alliance and Dark Side tap lineups limited edition prints and have stickers on hand - all with the theme of the day. For the rest, head to

More Vermont celebrations are back - Burlington Wine and Food Fest is the latest to announce they’re back this summer and at the HULA Lakeside location this year. To get info on the sessions available and get tickets - head to

And looking ahead to tomorrow - how about more tequila (have you noticed I’ve been sneaking a few things in here and there?) Keep your eyes peeled for Tequila Zarpado Reposado - a small batch & affordable tequila. Get more at

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