5/26/22 - Napa Valley’s most wanted, Independent Brewer growing, & Dewar's + Golf + Dad’s Day

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Shocker - Napa Valley isn’t just a region where cheap wines come from. Stick out your pinkies and check out the list of Napa's Most Wanted Wines at https://www.wine-searcher.com/m/2022/05/napas-most-wanted-wines

Dewar’s has launched another exclusive bottle - part of a multi-year agreement with the US Open. Will you try it? Will you go to the US Open? Get the scoop at https://www.bevnet.com/spirits/2022/dewars-launches-second-iteration-of-the-champions-edition-commemorative-bottle-for-the-2022-us-open

And Maui Brewing, which is definitely independent and not owned by Constellation Brands has made some big changes. Check out the full story at https://mybeerbuzz.blogspot.com/2022/05/maui-brewing-to-acquire-modern-times.html

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