5/12/22 - Loop Tablets help you shop, Busch Lite & John Deere Collab, and Box Wine is Wine

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Get ready for some tech to help you do your shopping. Loop tablets are headed to the retail aisle to inform you on brands and deliver engaging content. Would it help you shop, or do you know before you walk into the store? https://www.craftbrewingbusiness.com/equipment-systems/these-cool-loop-tablets-can-help-tell-your-craft-beer-story-at-grocery-stores-and-retail-outlets/

Two brands are teaming up to paint everything Green. John Deere and Busch Light are teaming up to raise funds for Farm Rescue. Would you buy the beer to help, or would you instead donate directly to Farm Rescue at https://farmrescue.org/ ? Let me know and check out the story https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/entertainment/dining/2022/05/10/busch-light-releases-john-deere-tractor-beer-can-farm-rescue/9716797002/

Did you know that all wine starts out the same? Box winemakers are reminding consumers that all wines start out their journey the same - no matter the container. Have you tried boxed wine recently? https://thetakeout.com/why-boxed-wine-is-better-than-bottled-for-certain-drink-1848900148 

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