4/20/22 - Happy 420 with THC infused beverages, Solar Panels Power Lawsons and Stolen Content?

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Since it’s 4/20, let’s talk about a new company entering the THC seltzer beverage industry. Good Feels just released four flavors https://www.worcestermag.com/story/lifestyle/columns/2022/04/19/good-feels-latest-cannabis-company-join-seltzer-race/7356990001/

Congratulations to Lawson’s Finest Liquids who has made a big mark in renewables with a large carport made of 495 solar panels! Get the full story at https://www.craftbrewingbusiness.com/news/lawsons-finest-liquids-installs-largest-solar-canopy-in-state-of-vermont/

Stolen Content?! That's the accusation by My Beer Buzz. You can see an example at https://beveragenewshubb.com/2022/04/20/the-dangers-of-stealing-beer-news-content-mybeerbuzz-com/ and go check out the original beer news at https://mybeerbuzz.com/

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