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Friday, April 1, 2022

4/1/22 Ep - GOAT Beer, Mystery Whiskey, & Pantera's Vulgar Display of Lager

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After Tom Brady shocked the football world by rescinding his retirement a few weeks ago, Sam Adams announced it was re-releasing it’s G.O.A.T. Beer - aka “Greatest Of Ale Time”. Find out more at

What’s in the bottle? Well to celebrate April Fool’s - Copperworks Distilling in Seattle has released a “Mystery Whiskey”. What little details are available can be found here

Pantera is the latest band to team up for a collaboration involving Knuklebonz - with artwork from their “Vulgar Display of Power” album and slaps it on a can of beer that’s called “Vulgar Display of Lager”. They start shipping on April 5th

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