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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

3/8/22 - International Womens Day: Collaboration Brews, Pink Boots, and Wine Competitions #iwcbd #unitebrew #iwd #pinkbootsblend #pinkboots2022 #yakimachief #WomensWineCompetition #womeninwine #IWWC

Happy International Women’s Day, which was first officially recognized by the UN in 1977

It's also International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day. They have been re-sharing social media posts all day and you can learn more about them at

The Pink Boots Society has Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day using an exclusive hops blend that raises funds for their mission.

If working with others isn’t your thing, and neither is beer, have some healthy competition with the upcoming International Women’s Wine Competition. They also have special categories for spirits - so if you distill, check that out too! head to

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