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Friday, March 4, 2022

3/4/22 - Beer and Girl Scout Cookies, A Molecular Beverage Printer, & Baltimore's New Vodka #GScookies #Beerpairing #Molecularlevel #beverage #printer #cocktails #vodka #oldbay #Baltimore #MD #BWI

Girl Scout Cookies and beer pairings coming out very soon from Pints and Panels 

While you wait, see what Invisible Man Brewing is doing. They can give you a leg up on pairings.

A  “molecular beverage printer” that can assemble almost anything from iced coffee, fruity beverages, and even cocktails? I’m doubtful, but hopeful.

The search for a new vodka is reaching into some interesting places. Baltimore, known for seasonings, may now be known for its unique vodka. They even have recipes!

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Next Time: On Another Round, I’ll talk with a brewery near me with a great back story, some positive things happening recently, and a bright future too!

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