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Thursday, March 3, 2022

3/3/22 - Putin is a Dick beer, Women's Bourbon Foundation raffle & Kinky Pre-mixed cocktails #Putinisadick #ukrainefundraiser #InternationalWomensDay #women #bourbon Fundraiser #raffle #Kinky #RTD

“Putin is a Dick” - crowlers available from Milwaukee’s Lakefront Brewery. Pravda Brewery inspired the name. Full story:

$10 of the purchase will go to the National Bank of Ukraine’s Humanitarian Assistance to Ukrainians fund - you can go here to donate directly:

Buzzard’s Roost is donating two bottles of their ultra-rare 15-Year-Old Bourbon to the Bourbon Women Foundation for International Women’s Day. For the story and link to the raffle ticket site, head to

And who wants to mix cocktails anymore? Actually - when I go camping I don’t. Maybe I’ll pack some of these? Kinky Pre-Mixed Cocktails:

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