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Thursday, March 24, 2022

3/24/22 - Winery Etiquette, Golden Ale wins Environmental Award & Lagunitas is making Hard Tea #Winery #winelover #newdrink #Arizona #AZ #Environmental #award #Awards #Lagunitas #teatime #tealovers

It’s hard to go to a place you don’t know, do something you’ve never done before, and not feel embarrassed. That’s why it’s great that Food & Wine put together a simple article on “How to Behave at a Winery, according to the Professionals”. I have a couple of tips to add too

Lagunitas is trying a different kind of drink - spiked teas. Disorderly TeaHouse will come in 2 flavors and sizes

Mother Road Brewing’s Golden Ale has won the Environmental Excellence Award from a partnership with Arizona’s Game and Fish Department Grab a Mother Road Golden Ale and read more about it at or

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