3/22/22 - Save the environment with beer, Sleep in a wine barrel & Make Peace Not War Collaboration #treehouse #brewery #winery #winebarrel #luxuryhotel #Ukraine #fundraiser #collaboration

When you open a beer, you don’t always think “I’m helping the environment” but that may change as more breweries are doing just that. Treehouse Brewing is the latest doing it https://boston.cbslocal.com/2022/03/17/tree-house-brewing-company-charlton-carbon-capture/ 

A winery in Portugal, Quinta da Pacheca, is rolling out the barrel for guests - quite literally! To find out more https://quintadapacheca.com/ 

Now any beer can help raise money for Ukraine’s relief efforts. The “Make Peace Not War” collaboration https://mailchi.mp/firstsipbrewbox.com/make-peace-not-war-collaboration

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