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Friday, March 18, 2022

3/18/22 - GS Cookies & Wine, Carbon Net Zero #Wine #winepairing #cookies #GScookie #girlscouts #NetZero #carbonoffset #brewery #Glutenfree Glutenfreebeer #gfbeer #glutenfreelife #glutenfreefood

I recently covered Pints and Panels Beer and Girl Scout cookie pairings (if you missed it, head to for the links), and now I located a wine & GS Cookie Pairing list! If you want some GS Cookies, only 2 days left (as of the time I recorded) to order at

Wales looks to be the future home of what could be the first carbon net-zero brewery

Difficulty finding gluten-free beverages? Here’s a list that covers a lot of bases in wines and spirits (which are almost all gluten-free, though not all certified) and several beers. Is One missing that you’d like to add, head to or our social media to comment

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Coming up: no Another Round this weekend - but I’m talking to potential guests for the future. If you have someone in the cocktails or spirits world - get in touch with me!

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