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Thursday, March 17, 2022

3/17/22 - Malt Cup Winners, Woodchuck Hard Cider for Brunch, Shiba Inu beer? (no it's not digital) #Maltcup Conference #woodchuck #Cider #brunch #shibainu #cryptonews #cryptocurrency

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! No St Patrick's Day stories today! If you haven't planned out the day or started your beverage intake, I'm probably not changing your mind at this point!

The Malt Cup Winners from the 2022 Craft Malt Conference are out. Check out all of the medal-winning malthouses at

A new offering from Woodchuck Hard Cider is out - a “brunch-inspired” 12 pack with 4 different flavors. For more

And could you soon be drinking a Shiba Inu beer, while wearing your SHIB t-shirt? We’ll have to keep an eye on the digital currency to see if the plan works, or backfires!

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Coming up: NA drinks for cocktails

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