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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

3/16/22 - DIY Green Beer, Stone vs MillerCoors, & The Godfather #greenbeer saintpatricksday #Stonebrewing #Millercoors #lawsuit #numberone #number1 #wine #topwine #godfather #francisfordcoppola

It’s true, you can absolutely make your beer green. Personally - I’d rather drink a stout. Here’s the thing though - if you really want a green beer - don’t add a drop of green food coloring to it (maybe gold edible glitter?) or a green soda? Check out and Sprecher Brewing’s Instagram if you want to see what one looks like If green cocktails are your thing, how about a green margarita?

The case is underway and Stone Brewing is hashing it out with MillerCoors in the Stone vs Keystone Light fight. Greg Koch’s response?

Someone must owe this guy some favors, because the guy behind the Godfather franchise of movies, Francis Ford Coppola is rules this list!

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