3/16/22 - DIY Green Beer, Stone vs MillerCoors, & The Godfather #greenbeer saintpatricksday #Stonebrewing #Millercoors #lawsuit #numberone #number1 #wine #topwine #godfather #francisfordcoppola

It’s true, you can absolutely make your beer green. Personally - I’d rather drink a stout. Here’s the thing though - if you really want a green beer - don’t add a drop of green food coloring to it (maybe gold edible glitter?) or a green soda? Check out https://greenriversoda.com/chicago/ and Sprecher Brewing’s Instagram if you want to see what one looks like https://www.tiktok.com/@sprecherbrewery/video/7073206726756994346 If green cocktails are your thing, how about a green margarita? https://twitter.com/emunn/status/1502010477123190787

The case is underway and Stone Brewing is hashing it out with MillerCoors in the Stone vs Keystone Light fight. Greg Koch’s response? https://www.courthousenews.com/stone-brewing-co-founder-calls-millercoors-rebrand-a-horror-for-craft-brewer/

Someone must owe this guy some favors, because the guy behind the Godfather franchise of movies, Francis Ford Coppola is rules this list! https://www.eatthis.com/news-most-popular-wine-brands-america/

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