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Saturday, March 12, 2022

3/12/22 - The Boozebuddy Update: Another Round with Andy James & Troy Millette #TroyMillette #SXSW #AndyJames #OwlStars #Musicians #MusicFest #MusicFestival #LiveMusicians #BarTalk #Beerswithfriends

Today's guests are Troy Millette of Troy Millette and the Fire Below and Andy James of The Owl Stars

Find Troy Millette here:

Find Andy James here:

Troy is someone who became part of my circle a few years back when he showed up with a guitar at a fire pit. I've been to multiple performances by Troy and will continue to seek him out. He's come quite a long way since then and his Travels take him to SXSW Festival On March 14th and 15th. See his tour dates at his website to learn more.

Andy is someone I was introduced to when he was a member of a group called Measured Methods with Bethany and Eric (who I hope will join me at some point). That groups worked with many breweries in Vermont to help them market themselves and better define their brand. I regularly show up to see him play with the Owl Stars, solo or sitting in with other musicians.

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