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Friday, March 25, 2022

03/25/22 - Maple Beer, Pint Glass Headstone & Best Bourbon of 2022 #DigInVT #Maple #Maplebeer #maplesap #HEadstone #pintglass #monument #greatbeyond #Bourbon #bestof #bestof2022 #BourbonTrail #winner

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What to do while sitting around a fire boiling Maple Sap? Drink Maple Beer of course, and the best ones come from DigInVT's list:

One of the BoozeBuddies gave it some brew for thought and sent this in - a headstone that is shaped like a Pint of Guinness! Honestly - I feel like any booze shape could be done...

Mashed got together several bottles of bourbon to see what the best bourbon of 2022 is. Tough job and the real winners here are those who sampled them all

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