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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

03/23/22 - #ThomasRhett gives $50K to TNC, Eco canpack, #PlinyTheYounger release '22 - #TNC #TheNatureCoservancy #Tequila #agave #DosPrimos #Ecofriendly #cancarrier #PlinyTheYounger #RussianRiver

Tequila is doing pretty good in the market - with a 75% increase in sales this past year, but it’s giving back too! The Dos Primos Tequila Company - which was founded by country-music star Thomas Rhett and cousin, Jeff Worn – has announced they’re partnering with The Nature Conservancy.

A new solution for your 4 and 6 packs to travel in coming from Graphic Packaging International. Check out more at the company website

And after months of planning Russian River is set for its Pliny the Younger 2022 release. Get the lowdown at

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