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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

2/8/22 - Valentines cocktails, NFL Rams, and Earthlylabs C02 capture #Valentines #recipes #cocktails #NFL #Rams #LosCarneros #c02 #c02capture #earthlylabs #brewing #technology

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Valentine’s Day is coming and has six recipes they’ve put together for you. Before you ask, yes, the first recipe is for a Cosmopolitan. The best part - they’re all relatively simple recipes with only 5 or 6 ingredients and, they all look pinkish-reddish… with the exception of the Chocolate Espresso Martini that is (which sounds delicious). So grab your shaker, head over to your local bottle supplier and get the recipes for your magical weekend, or night - however you celebrate - at

When you think of a beverage to go with the NFL and football in general - you probably think of macro beer. Well, not the Rams. They’re partnering with Los Angeles-based winemaker Malek Amrani to come out with Los Carneros - literally ‘the Rams’ but it’s also a place in Sonoma and Napa counties in California. The area is mainly known for pinot noir and chardonnay wines. Amrani says though, “Batch #52 reflects the potential of Los Carneros cabernet sauvignon, the underdog of Napa Valley, to achieve a breakthrough in a region where cabernet reigns king.” It’s been aged for 22 months in two new medium toast oak barrels; one French and one American. A limited run of 600 bottles was made and it's retailing for ~$69. Get the link to the wine shop and the story on the wine at

Tip of the hat to an upcoming The Boozebuddy Update: Another Round guest for sharing this story - Earthlylabs has another CO2 capture device in a big brewery. Normally breweries have vented the C02 and then pay to pump it into their brew later - but this lab is making a product that can go into big breweries and even small breweries to help capture and reuse the stuff that’s made in the beer-making process. It’s not in use at the Alchemist in Vermont, Austin Beerworks in Texas, and now Treehouse Brewing in Massachusetts (among others?) Check out this tweet for the scoop and check out Earthlylabs solutions for breweries at

Next Time: Still time to check out Greg Dunkling of the Business of Craft Beer Program at UVM on the podcast or YouTube channel at

Coming up this next weekend we’ll go Another Round again - I’ll get more details as we get closer!

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