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Monday February 7 2022

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Berkshire Mountain Distillers latest #CraftBrewersWhiskeyProject release is out and ready for tasting! Each addition to the American whiskey collection is the product of a single-sourced craft brew distilled into a unique Berkshire Mountain Distillers whiskey. This time around it’s Long Trail's Unearthed Stout, Chatham Brewing's 8 Barrel Ale, and 2RoadsBrewing's Workers Comp Farmhouse Ale. They’ve been distilled and aged in barrels for 4 - 5 years. If that wasn’t cool enough - and to me, it seems pretty damn cool - their Distiller, Michael Sharry, is in a battle. He’s a contestant on “Moonshiners: Master Distiller” and you can see him on February 23rd, on the Discovery Channel, as he battles for the title of Master Distiller! For the full details, head to https://craftbrewerswhiskeyproject.com/ and make sure to follow them on social media

Are Uneccesary inventions useless? Maybe not! Captain Morgan came up with an invention that honestly seems kind of awesome. It’s called the Captain Morgan Super Bowl Punch Bowl and it stirs with the sound waves created by the Bluetooth speaker at the base of the bowl, keeps track of the score during the game, and holds 4 gallons of whatever punch you want to throw in it! Matty Benedetto of Unnecessary Inventions even pops up halfway through the commercial for the bowl - head to https://punchbowl.captainmorgan.com/en/gate and for the full punch bowl of info on this head to Seven Days https://www.sevendaysvt.com/vermont/captain-morgan-and-burlingtons-matty-benedetto-stir-the-super-bowl-party-action/Content?oid=34825383

OK, on to beer - and a fantastic beer at that - I’m lucky enough to live near Queen City Brewery in Burlington, and they make great classic German and European beers. I recently went in for some Schwarzbier aka Black Lager, aka Malta (and also Gregarious, their Scotch Ale) and it’s so good it’s no wonder it’s continuing to trend. It’s one of those dark and mysterious beers a lot of people think “I can’t drink that!” and yet it is so easy to drink! If you drink more than the cheapest light lagers or hoppiest of hazy bois - then you might really enjoy this. Try it anyway - and let me know what you think. Then you'll understand why interest in beer has grown 400% in the past two years. Find out about Queen City at http://queencitybrewery.com/. Get the full pour.. err.. story at https://www.themanual.com/food-and-drink/what-is-schwarzbier-black-lager/

Next Time: What about last time - check out “Another Round” That came out on Saturday - talking with Greg Dunkling of the Business of Craft Beer Program at The University of Vermont!

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