2/4/22 - Ep 88 - Wines & Snacks w/ the big game, Blue beer w/ algae, Is Happy Hour good for business #HappyHour #Opinion #Wines #football #superbowl #biggame #snacks #Algae #blue #beer

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If you haven’t heard, there’s some sort of Bowl coming up, I’ve heard it’s a Super one too! Well, if you want to have some fried snacks and cheap beer - you might be in the majority - but what if you want to have some snacks that pair well with wine? Forbes has your answer, with wines that pair well with Chips and Dips, Buffalo wings, BBQ, Loaded Potato Skins, and even Nachos! Yeah - now I want all the snacks and wines - and it’s not even the big game yet! Get the Super story and fill up your bowl, or glass at the link in the show notes shorturl.at/zQT49

Whatever you serve up when the game is on - will it be blue (and I don’t mean Labatt)? A French brewer has started using spiraling algae, that contains a naturally-occurring pigment, and it turns the beer blue. The beer, called "Line", is a kind of collaborative/meeting of the minds of a dietary supplement maker and a nearby craft brewery, Hoppy Urban Brew, who wanted to make their beverages stand out. According to Sebastien Verbeke, an employee "It's getting an enormous amount of interest and curiosity on the part of the public”. I bet it is! Honestly, I wouldn’t be against trying it - but glad I wasn’t the tester on one of the first test batches. I wonder if we’ll have any brewers making it in the states anytime soon. shorturl.at/ouKV7

I live in one of several states with no happy hour and I’m OK with it - turns out Massachusetts and Rhode Island haven’t had one since the mid-1980s. It was done to help curb driving under the influence in many states. Well now - lawmakers in RI and Mass want to reverse the laws - they say to help businesses… but apparently, the word is that Happy Hours don’t often help businesses - people find a place that has the best deal, have one or two drinks and then leave. Honestly - I’ve seen this myself. Places here can have a beer special - but it has to be all day. People go to the place with the cheapest price, have a few, and then head out.  What’s your opinion on it? Check out the link and leave your feedback on this video or at The Boozebuddy Update. Do Happy Hours bring in more business, or do people just bounce from place to place looking for a cheap drink? shorturl.at/irBDO

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