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Friday February 25 2022

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While wines are enjoyed by people across the spectrum of countries and colors - representation in the industry is lacking. According to several sources, there are only 3 black Master Sommeliers in the world and 230+/- Sommelier total. For winery owners, the number is staggeringly low - only 1% of the wine & spirits industry in the US is represented. One couple hopes to change that though. As we near the end of Black history month, it’s good to have a story to share about Whitney and Chaz Gates - a couple who are looking to change that by giving a portion of their earnings to help bring more diversity to the industry. Whitney apparently got into Wine from an uncle who, was paralyzed but didn’t let that stop him from making his own wine. Whitney’s dreams took off from there. Her product WONDRY Cocktail Wines is described as a fruit-infused sangria collection with heightened alcohol content. It’s made in small batches and contains organic berries and exotic fruit extracts. She and her husband knew they were taking a chance on launching the product and now, they want to take a chance on other entrepreneurs. I hope they succeed in jumpstarting others' careers. For more, head to https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/celebrating-black-history/dallas-couple-among-1-of-black-wine-company-owners-in-the-u-s/2899840/

If you’ve ever heard of hop burn, and complained about it before - you weren’t with the Brewers Association (officially) until recently. The new style guide calls out what has to be one of the biggest issues with modern brewers (I wonder if they called out exploding cans too? Brewers with that issue have yet to be reprimanded that I’m aware of). Anyway - hop burn is a horrible thing to happen to a beer and to your palate. What is hop burn? It’s described as an intensely astringent, drying, corrosive sensation. Hop burn is believed to be caused by excessive contact time between the hops and the beer. As dry-hopping volumes and the number of sessions have increased- so has hop burn. If you want to learn more about hop burn, what causes it, and what’s being done about it - head to the link https://www.pastemagazine.com/drink/craft-beer/hazy-ipa-hop-burn-cause-texture-flavor-brewers-association-style-guidelines/

And Knoxville Tennessee having a great time imbibing this weekend. Not the way you might expect, it’s with a “Farm To Tap Festival”. The Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild is behind the effort to use locally grown ingredients in their local beers - something that’s definitely been catching on in many states, and I’m here for it! It’s actually the first of three events, if you miss this one it’s happening again and in different locations too. The next one is March 12 in Nashville, and the last one scheduled is April 16th in Memphis. Props to them for not calling it “The First Annual” by the way. Link to the event info here https://www.wate.com/news/local-news/farm-to-tap-festival-encourages-knoxville-to-drink-local/

Next Time: I’m snowed in - hope I have enough beer, cider, wine, and spirits to make it!

Remember - don’t drink and drive, stay safe, drive sober and support the booze that supports your local community.

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