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Dogfish Head has another spirits release out. The 90-proof “Alternate Takes Volume 3: Whiskey Finished in Apple Brandy & Apple Cider Barrels” is distilled from 100% pale malt and finished for 36-plus months in freshly-emptied Dogfish Head American oak apple brandy barrels and French oak apple cider barrels from Angry Orchard (so definitely some of that sharing we expected with the Boston Beer merger). It’s on shelves in Delaware, Maryland, and DC. It’s headed to New Jersey and Washington. Later this spring you can also expect to find them on shelves across New York. As this one works its way onto shelves, more Dogfish head spirits are expected to go into distribution too. https://craftspiritsmag.com/2022/02/24/dogfish-head-debuts-new-whiskey-expands-distribution-of-full-proof-spirits-to-new-york/

Wine's portrayal on TV is changing - which is a good thing considering today’s wine drinkers, makers, and influencers are a pretty diverse group of individuals. The wine space is evolving in pop culture too on shows like; NBC’s “Grand Crew,” Hulu’s “Promised Land,” and OWN’s “The Kings of Napa”. The shows may not be a great place to go for wine education and information - but hey - you take a W where you can. The shows are all running now and hopefully if nothing else - it’ll be good to see people making and enjoying wine, perhaps fighting and getting all dramatic over it too, who look a lot more like today’s audience. https://vinepair.com/articles/wine-tv-shows-diversity-inclusion/

One thing’s for sure - Hill Farmstead’s Edward is popular in Vermont - but there are other beers here too. Don’t forget that this is the region that also created The Alchemist's Heady Topper (though I prefer Focal Banger more - ssshhhhh). It’s tough living in a place that’s been called the home of the best beers in the world. OK, only when I travel to a place with a lot of less than stellar beers (which thankfully is becoming harder). Lots of places I’ve made regular stops at crown Shaun Hill and company as the King of the land though including feedback from Three Penny Taproom, Kingdom Taproom, Blackback Pub (try their house nachos - they will blow you away), and the Worthy group (made up of Worthy Burger, Worthy Kitchen, and Worthy Burger Too). https://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/life/2022/02/23/vermont-beer-bars-most-popular-brews-vt/9175220002/

Next Time: More Boozebuddy Update: Another Round interviews have been scheduled, so the lull between episodes will, hopefully, be short-lived!

Remember - don’t drink and drive, stay safe, drive sober and support the booze that supports your local community.

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