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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

2/23/22 - US Treasury helping Craft, Whisky Lemonade RTD, Review the Top Beer Styles of '21 #Treasury #Craftbrewers #shipping #Spring #Summer #RTD #Cocktail #whisky #Lemonade #Top10 #topbeers

I quickly wanted to say that I missed everyone Monday and Tuesday. I was in Boston and ended up in a taproom around the time I would normally record. I had hoped to record live on location, but it was far too loud to try and go that route, so I just enjoyed some beverages!

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Help for the craft beer industry is coming from an unlikely place - the US Government. Specifically - the Treasury wants to give beer lovers more choices than “the usual suspect” and help shake their grip of 65% of the US beer market. The answers could include everything from rethinking how beers are displayed on grocery store shelves to considering whether brews can be shipped straight to doorsteps. The Treasury Department came up with its list of suggestions in a 64-page report as part of a plan to improve small business access to the beer, wine, and spirits industry. Part of what they’re looking at is how state alcohol laws impact competition for smaller brewers, how mergers affect smaller companies, and how the labeling laws may be making it difficult to comply with laws. Look for rule changes to be announced in the next coming months. One thing that’s being pushed to open up sooner than later - shipping beer directly!. Get the details at

Crown Royal has a new spring and summer entry for the Ready-to-drink cocktail market. Whisky Lemonade (which is what I already make as a summer sipper) will be joining Whisky & Cola, Washington Apple, and Peach Tea on store shelves. The new flavor is so bold it can turn parties onto block parties, BBQs into neighborhood feasts and is the perfect choice to enjoy with family and friends… according to the press release. So use all that power carefully and responsibly. Find out more at

And as I was checking in beers on my jaunt to Boston I saw a list of the top 10 styles on 2021 and, yup, Pilsner is on it. Not shocking anyone - IPA’s (from American, New England, Hazy, Sessions, and Double) held several top spots - but it’s good to see that Fruited Sours, Belgian Triple, and Stouts also held their own too. For the full list - and beers that made up some of those entries in the top 10 - head to

Next Time: I’m having scheduling issues - so the next Boozebuddy Update: Another Round will likely be in March. If you know of a great guest - connect us by leaving a comment at the site or connecting with me on social media (links below).

Remember - don’t drink and drive, stay safe, drive sober and support the booze that supports your local community.

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