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What do you do with leftover grapes? A group of scientists and entrepreneurs have one idea - turn them info superfood and enrobe it in chocolate! According to the President of Vine to Bar, leftovers from pressing grapes for winemaking makes 10 billion pounds of waste a year globally — in California alone, that’s about 830,000 pounds! The transformation to a would-be superfood took more than 10 years and $10 Million bucks (including a USDA grant)! They have the former head of global innovation from Mars Inc. as their chocolatier - so maybe Vine to Bar knows what’s up here. The Chardonnay marc - leftover grapes - includes probiotics and prebiotics, so it’s good for your gut too! Find out what’s up at https://nypost.com/2022/02/14/discarded-grapes-from-white-wine-production-being-turned-into-chocolate-superfood/

DEI is something people have heard much more about since a couple of notable lawsuits and Craft Beer’s #MeToo movement. But what is DEI and is it helping? While that remains It stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and, to be frank, it’s hard to measure exactly how it’s going. What we can say is some brewers initially (by their own admission) earned an “F” a few years ago and now rate themselves much better - but still only getting a “C” grade. So there’s more to do. What we do know is it’s been in the spotlight and it’s probably going to be thrust back in again and again. Around the same time the DEI segment launched - so did “The Inclusion Beer Project” and its aim is to get breweries to agree to increase DEI. Get the full story and links to The Beer Inclusion Project and other great resources like Beer Kulture, the Black is Beautiful initiative, and more at https://www.berkeleyside.org/2022/02/03/inclusion-beer-project-diversity-goals-breweries

As we continue moving toward St Patrick’s Day, Guinness has helped jumpstart everyone’s awareness with the announcement that they’ll be doling out $1 Million Dollars in prizes with $50,000 in cash prizes to 20 different winners! To enter, you need to be 21+. If you are, go to Toast.Guinness.com, make sure you read the rules and can play, and then upload a 30-second video before March 31! See their site for all the legal details and keep your eyes peeled in NYC, Boston, Chicago for Guinness in parties and parades. They apparently may also launch some hot air balloons in select locations. It sounds like everyone’s excited about this St Patty’s Day (I know I am)! Get the full details in their press release at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/all-together-now-st-patricks-day-is-back-and-its-time-to-rediscover-the-celebration-with-guinness-301484932.html

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