2/15/22 - High End Boxed wine, Beers back from the dead, and RTD's creating confusion! #boxedwine #wine #zombie #zombeer #reborn #reboot #RTD #seltzer #confusion #shopping

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Wine in a box has that opposite of Je ne said quoi - that air of affordability about them. Until now that is. It’s been rare to find a boxed wine out of the teens Occasionally there have been some in the $35 range - but the bubble has officially been burst! Tablas Creek Vineyard is pushing the envelope. Will it push back? That remains to be seen - but they’re busy folding up boxes that will set you back $95 for the 3-liter package. It might be good timing as boxed wine sales have been up - nearly 19% last year - when compared to 2019. Find out more about the 108 cases of Patelin Rose and why it’s living in a box at https://www.wine-searcher.com/m/2022/02/dawn-of-the-95-wine-box

Everybody likes a comeback kid, right? Well, there are ten beer companies, most of which I’ve heard of most and actually tried seven of that came back from the dead. Thankfully - this isn’t like that Zombie dream, it’s just that the brands were too beloved to let them lie. Narragansett, Catamount, and even Pabst Blue Ribbon are on this list - among others - so prepare for some nostalgia as you peruse this list. https://www.eatthis.com/discontinued-beers-returned/

And why aren’t beer alternatives growing faster - according to the research - it’s shopper confusion. 71% of people who walk up to these products spend time walking back and forth to see which one might be right… but end up walking away! RTD, Seltzers, and other “Beyond beer” products (as they’re called in this article). Turns out more men are walking away - and we might have better data, better signage, and more helpful information on cans to help us consumers make better choices. Who doesn’t love making good choices in the aisle - so you can go enjoy what you’re buying!? Check out the story at https://www.csnews.com/shopper-confusion-hurting-sales-beyond-beer-category

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