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Saturday, February 12, 2022

2/12/22 - The Boozebuddy Update: Another Round with Ecofriendly Beer Drinker #ecofriendly #beer #drinker #VT #RI #MA #Mass #NewEngland #savetheplanet #onebeeratatime

Rob Vandenabeele aka Ecofriendly Beer Drinker 

The Ecofriendly Beer Drinker's goal is to inspire people to better protect our earth - the only planet with craft beer.

Two big recent stories Ecofriendly Beer Drinker is working on:

* "It’s estimated* that at least 10 million new plastic can carriers are used annually by breweries in Massachusetts, with just 10% of them being collected and re-used, and less than 2% of them ever getting recycled"

* "Vermont Reuse & Recycle Initiative Rescues 10,000 Plastic Can Carriers in First 2 Months"

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