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Well, Harpoon Brewery and Mike’s Pastry in Boston have teamed up once again. This time with two brews Harpoon Mike’s Pastry Cannoli Stout has an alcohol by volume, or ABV, of 7.3 percent. It’s made with real Mike’s Pastry cannoli shells in addition to a combination of cocoa nibs, lactose and vanilla to mimic the flavor of a famous Mike’s cannoli. “Barrel-Aged Mike’s Pastry Cannoli Stout” uses the same recipe, however Harpoon ages the liquid for months in premium rye whiskey barrels to add layers of vanilla, spice and caramel. As a result the aged stout has an ABV of 9 percent. For every case of beer sold in February, Harpoon will donate a portion of the proceeds to “Real Men Wear Pink,” an American Cancer Society-affiliated organization since next month is National Cancer Awareness Month. Anyone lucky enough to have bought a 4-pack of the regular or barrel-aged variety of the cannoli stout on location today received two Mike’s cannolis! https://www.masslive.com/food/2022/01/harpoon-brewery-and-mikes-pastry-of-boston-team-up-again-with-two-limited-release-cannoli-stout-flavors-plan-launch-event-in-february.html

Well Dry January is behind us - but it’s going to be different going forward as it has been for the past few years! Nonalcoholic beer had suffered a pretty bad rep in the United States for decades. But over the past few years a lot of independent craft brewers, have been more motivated to experiment with, and invest in, finding ways to make nonalcoholic beer that lives up to the standards of the brewers and the drinkers. Now I know I’ve talked about Zero Gravity’s Rescue Club and Athletic Brewing in the past, but let’s shine a light on some others. I have to run two Boston stories back to back, but I’m doing it - so grab a Dunky’s and jump into this story https://www.wbur.org/news/2022/01/21/dry-january-nonalcoholic-beer-trend

Sure, I slept on the Naples Winter Wine Fest - but I’m not sleeping on this one. The West Slope Foundation, along with wineries from Fair Play, and Creekside Cork and Brew host the Out of the Ashes Wine and Appetizer Pairing Fundraiser Saturday, Feb. 5 in Somerset California. Expect more than 15 local wineries pouring wines paired with appetizers and small bites prepared. This fundraising event will also feature live music, silent auction, live auction and more — with funds assisting Caldor Fire victims. Tickets will not be available at the door. https://www.mtdemocrat.com/prospecting/out-of-the-ashes-pairs-wine-food-and-fun/

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