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Friday, January 7, 2022

1/7/22 - #BeerCanAppreciationDay #planahead #Stone #Hopwater #waterboy #highqualityh20 #FredMinnick

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Some beers to put on your list for the upcoming beer can appreciation day on January 24th (it’s good to plan early, right?) Well - how about you choose some of them? That’s exactly what’s happening at Stone Brewing Each year, craft breweries across the nation roll out new limited-release beers to entice beer drinkers through the seasons, but few make fans happy by bringing back tried and true brews. Stone Brewing has announced its lineup of fan favorites, voted on by loyals. Righteous Black IPA would be the standout on that list for me - but I’ve always loved black IPAs.

Sierra Nevada Brewing enters the market with a new hop-centric beverage that’s 100% free of alcohol, calories, carbs, and sugar. Hop Splash Sparkling Hop-Infused Water is Sierra Nevada’s take on the growing hop water trend that’s now about 3 years old. They start off with the “high-quality H20” that’s in their beer. The beverage in 6-packs of 12oz cans can be pre-ordered to be shipped to your door across the United States. There’s even a recurring subscription option!

Let’s wade into some whiskeys! ICYMI - Fred Minnick put out his list of the top Whiskeys of 2021. The list of 100encompasses all types of American whiskey: Blends of Straights, Ryes, Bourbons, Single Malts, etc. I like that he admits it’s subjective and you may not rank them the same way he did. He stands behind his top 15 though, as those were discernibly different enough to stand well above the rest. Most of the list was released on December 30th and he live-streamed the top ten to select his #1. When asked “Why did it take so long?” He said, “My team and I put our heart and soul into the Kentucky Bourbon Benefit. I am glad we did, because we raised more than $3.4 million for tornado victims. But that is why we are completing this list in January” which sounds like a damn good reason

Bonus: NY looking to make to-go drinks a permanent thing!

Next time:

Some of the beers you might want to avoid, (I can honestly I’ve had some of these). We’ll also be putting the *daily* ‘Dry January’ beverage stories to rest. I’ll still bring you some, as they come up…

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