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The Best German Beer in the world? OK - I’ll bite.. or rather drink. According to a panel of beer experts that list includes several tasty options. I will agree with a statement made by the founder of Wynwood Brewing Co. in Miami. He likes Oktoberfest beer, regardless of the season. So do I. So no surprise Marzen made the list - but then again no surprise Hefeweisen, Helles, and Pilsners did either. Get the rundown and reasons for the inclusion of the specific beers at https://uproxx.com/life/craft-beer-experts-tell-us-their-go-to-german-beers-for-all-seasons/

I love a good #CollaBEERation and there’s one coming in from Weldwerks, Our Mutual Friend, and Firestone Walker. Weldwerks and Our Mutual Friend have been teaming up for some time, for some West Coast IPA goodness… but now all three are teaming up with “Knock the Froth Off” which is Australian for “drinking beer”. It will be available in 16-ounce cans and on draft - check the link on how, where, and when. https://www.brewbound.com/news/weldwerks-brewing-our-mutual-friend-brewing-and-firestone-walker-team-up-on-collaboration-ipa

And you can’t just go out in January where I am without a little preparation and gear. So it goes for those venturing into Dry January, at least that’s the hope of Hairless Dog Brewing who has come out with Dry January Survival Kits. The kits include a choice of the three Hairless Dog 0% ABV craft NA beer varieties and merchandise like beanie, koozies, hats, tees, and more. The kits can be yours starting around $20 and up to about $45 at HDBrewing.com

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What are or should people where you’re from be drinking? I’ll tell you tomorrow!

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