1/27/22 - Honey and spirit based RTDs, Lager trends, VT Ice Wine #honey #ice #wine #infused #lager #rtd #canned #cocktails #vt

#honey #ice #wine #infused  #lager #rtd #canned #cocktails

Thursday, January 27 2022

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Spirited Hive, a line of honey and spirit-based ready-to-drink cocktails is set to launch in February. It’s coming to Nashville and NYC first. But, online shoppers can get it in over 30 states too. Spirited Hive sources its 100% certified organic wildflower honey from Lancaster, PA. Currently, they have three flavors available in 12-ounce 4 packs for about $17. They are; Bourbon Whiskey Infused with Rosemary, Lemon & Honey, Tequila Infused with Ginger, Lime & Honey and Vodka Infused with Cranberry, Lime & Honey. Get the full story at https://thewhiskeywash.com/whiskey-styles/bourbon/spirited-hive-launches-with-new-line-of-premium-ready-to-drink-craft-cocktails/

I just told you yesterday how the Detroit Free Press called 2022 the year of the lager and it’s looking like there might be some truth to lager having a moment this year. It’s a trend that's bucking the hazy-bois, adjuncts, and barrel-aged beers we’ve come to see regularly and present craft beer fans a crisp, clean, and apparently crushable beverage option. While they name-drop cult beers like Heady Topper, I’m not yet seeing people driving hundreds of miles to pick them up… yet. But - could we see that happen soon? Maybe. Or maybe people are just hungry for a great locally made beer that drinks well - wherever they are. Though people are now referring to them as crispy-bois https://vinepair.com/articles/lager-focused-breweries/

The frigid northeast temps are being avoided by some - but not by all. Including grapes! In fact, it seems a labor of love for the Lane Family in South Hero Vermont. Snow Farm Vineyard makes what are known as ice wine. It’s a unique wine that is made with grapes that are left on the vine -- usually until December as it needs cold temperatures. In fact, if it’s too warm the grapes will rot - so the colder the better! It’s also much sweeter than typical wine. For more on the story and this special wine - check out the link https://www.wcax.com/2022/01/21/vt-vineyard-uses-cold-temps-get-sweet-results/

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