1/25/22 The Boozebuddy Update Episode - Happy Irish Coffee Day, Light Cider, and US Grown Malts! #NationalIrishCoffeeDay #USAmade #lightcider #Local #Malt #cheapbeer #favorites

Tuesday, January 25, 2022 - Happy National Irish Coffee Day! I’ve got a little Irish in mine!

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Let’s tap some cheap beers. Every state has its favorite bargain beer and the folks at Eat This, Not That! put one together and I can find no fault with Vermont’s cheap beer - Natural Light. I recall too many times buying it by the case with friends and roommates because none of us could afford nice things. Thankfully my beer budget and tastes have advanced, but I look fondly back on those days with beer that had nearly no flavor, or ABV for that matter. Find out your state's choice (can’t say preferred choice for every state though) at the link. Oh, and just to make good on a promise to a friend of the show - I recently had Coors Banquet for the first time - in a bottle, and I’m not upset that I did, and would have it again. https://www.eatthis.com/most-popular-cheap-beer-every-state/

Your next whiskey might have ingredients that are a bit more local than in the past. Great Western Malting has launched two unique malted barley products - American Distillers High-Enzyme Malt and American Distillers Non-GN Malt. They were created or is that crafted, specifically for the distilling industry. Great Western Malting states that they maintain a close relationship with farmers in the Northwest US - specifically Idaho and Washington state. They are also happy to provide distillers with access to a domestic supply and production - which they state provides security in supply. After so many supply chain issues - I’ll definitely say this is a chain no one wants pinched! https://brewpublic.com/distilling/great-western-malting-launches-new-american-distillers-malts/

Light Cider seems to be working well - Citizen cider, Shacksbury, and Austin Eastciders have committed to it. Austin Eastciders, however, has launched 4 light cider flavors with real fruit, 100 calories, and 4.2% ABV. The flavors are Mango Mimosa, Cucumber Agave, Strawberry Lemonade, and Texas Brut. Texas Brut is a kind of “all-arounder” that they say you can use in place of champagne, even in cocktails and mixed drinks that call for the bubbly. Austin Eastciders, however, does still hold on to their higher ABV ciders like their 8% Imperial line-up. https://darik.news/texas/austin-eastsiders-launches-light-cider-line/202201482198.html

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