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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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Our first celebrity is the story about Chief Happy Hour Officer Joel McHale (probably best known for his role in Community) - and I didn’t know a CHO was a thing until I read this story, but I’d like to become one - is now slinging drinks for Q mixers. They have a playbook with conversation starters and recipes you can make with, surprise, their line of mixers. Honestly - just seems like a good bit of fun and I’m here for it. You can download the digital booklet and find out Joe’s signature drink recipe for the “Five O’clock Fizz” at

Our next celery is, well a group of celebrities: Drake’s Virginia Black Decadent American Whiskey, Bob Dylan’s Heaven’s Door Redbreast Edition, Matthew McConaughey’s Longbranch, Scottie Pippen’s DIGITS Bourbon, and Terry Bradshaw’s Bradshaw Bourbon. Between the beverages, there seems to be a clear winner and a clear… not winner. I mean they’re all celebrities, there really aren’t any losers in the bunch - but some beverages should maybe go through a rebrand or remix, or just fade away (sorry Drake fans). For the full tasting notes and the four you should consider purchasing head to the link

And finally for the fusion I mentioned - Burlington Vermont’s Zero Gravity had a presence in the space next to it - but has now officially expanded into and taken over the space formerly occupied by the Great Northern Restaurant. It’s now a spacious beer hall with some cozy spaces, a pool table, and more. The counter-service menu is exactly the same, whether you order at the former taproom bar or at the grand antique bar on the restaurant side of the building. A wall has been removed so people can also flow between the spaces. The menu and beverages have shifted, but they still seem to offer some good choices for take-out and dine-in service. I look forward to checking out the differences soon myself. Check some of them out yourself at the link from Seven Days

Next time:

NA and Low ABV beverages hit a key goal and we have a lion in the room.

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