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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

1/18/22 - #beerfest #GABF #BarrelandFlow #Savor #Bourbon #Scotch #Whiskey Wine #doingitwrong

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One of the things I love about January is that we start hearing about the upcoming festivals and this year is no different. GABF, Savor, and more are all on the calendars. I just saw the info on Barrel & Flow, set for August 12 -14 and it looks like it’s going to be an even bigger event than last year. It was voted by USA Today readers as one of Americas favorite festivals. Sadly - I couldn’t find a single resource where you could find all or most of the beer fests. Two certainly stood out. One is Google and when I searched for “Beer Fest for 2022” which covered everything local to me. I got this link and then I found this one at “Music Festival Wizard” isn’t bad, but definitely is missing several If you know of a better link - head to and comment in today’s post.

What do Whisky, Scotch and Bourbon all have in common? They’re incredibly popular, seem to be the be victims of counterfeiters, and age for several years. Well - that last one may no longer be true as Dolf Stockhausen is in the news again. I first saw this story in March of 2021 as he was pushing through the “Finishing process” with light to get the same characteristics out of spirits that have only matured for 7 days, instead of 7 - 12 years For the older story and you can read the newer story with a subscription at

And apparently we’re all doing it wrong - ordering and drinking wine that is. According to a new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Woodbridge Wines,and published at Martha Stewart’s site, only 17 percent of wine drinkers swirl and sniff the beverage before drinking it. It seems Martha’s here for us - whether you do or don’t want to skip all the wine etiquette. At home, it’s always ok, but what about when you’re at a place that will give you a proper presentation and then expects you to sniff, swirl and sip a sample to make sure it’s up to snuff - else they turn up their noses at you and your table? Get the info on the survey, find out what you may have been missing and decide if it’s worth it to you!

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