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Wednesday January 12 2022

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Some big changes in beer - Salt Lake City’s Uinta Brewing has been purchased by a joint venture that combines importer/sales and marketing company US Beverage with Colorado-based private investment firm FC Crestone. And Molson Coors Beverage Company announced it will sell two brick-and-mortar locations that formerly housed San Diego’s Saint Archer Brewing Company to Ballast Point owners Kings & Convicts Brewing Company, which says it will keep current staff and designate the Miramar, California facility as the new operating headquarters for Kings & Convicts. Unity has been on a decline since 2017 and Saint Archer’s sales had been growing rapidly, until last year… https://www.goodbeerhunting.com/sightlines/2022/1/10/owners-shed-saint-archer-uinta-amid-impatience-with-slow-craft-market

White Oak is the go to wood for barrels, unfortunately it looks like the supply is being cut and processed faster than the trees can be grown to replenish the wood. Thankfully The White Oak Initiative has a collection of partners from academic, government and the private sector working to increase the sustainability long term. The White Oak industry is worth a reported $8.6 Billion in Kentucky alone - and it is used for furniture and flooring as well. https://www.foodandwine.com/news/american-white-oak-wine-whiskey-cask-sustainability

And a story with a local flair - to me - in Charlotte (not Charlotte) Vermont malts are being roasted and many New England breweries are reaping the benefits of fresh and local malts. Vermont Malthouse has been putting out about 45 tons of malt per month and is making upgrades that would up that potential output to 75 tons per week. Eventually, they expect they could handle 150 tons a week. As they’re trying to use all Vermont grown grains - that means they’ll need about 2,000 acres to support that. It’s good news for a state that’s been losing dairy farmland. For the full story https://www.wcax.com/2022/01/10/mivt-vermont-malthouse/ and check out the malts at https://vermontmalthouse.com

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