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OK, yesterday we talked about beers that might be criminally bad - today let’s talk about some that are underrated. Very underrated and that doesn’t mean rare or expensive. These are either underappreciated beers and some, like Coors Banquet, have been around for some time. Amazingly - it’s a beer I don’t think I’ve ever had. Time to change that and pick up some others I haven’t imbibed with like Telluride Face Down Brown and Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter. Several of the others I have had and can say, I would definitely have again. Check out the full list https://uproxx.com/life/the-most-underrated-beers-ever-according-to-experts/

Beer appliances come and go - but one company hopes there’s hits a sweet spot. Some are overcomplicated, have a complicated system that means you can’t customize your brews, but the BEERMKR says theirs is an all-in-one automated craft beer-making device that anybody can use. Add whatever ingredients you want (like chocolate or coffee), customize the kits they offer or build kits that are entirely yours. It will make the equivalent of a 12 pack and set you back about $650, but that’s certainly a bargain compared to some beer-making setups. https://beermkr.com/products/beermkr-system

And Katy Perry launched De Soi, a line of sparkling ready-to-drink non-alcoholic beverages on January 6th. The 37-year-old explains that she can’t drink like she’s in her 20’s anymore and, well who can’t identify with that! De Soi, which Perry explains is French for "pleasure with restraint," is available to purchase in either ready-to-drink cans or bottles. Perry and the co-creator/co-founder - Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan - created the three flavors: Golden Hour, Champignon Dreams, and Purple Lune

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