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“Cocktails To Go” has another state allowing the beverage trend to stick around for a while. 16 States made ‘to go’ cocktails a permanent fixture. California joins the list of 15 states with a temporary reprieve. Governor Newsom signed the bill which ends December 31, 2026. For the list of the others, follow the link in the show notes to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.

Many of the ‘Top beers’ of the year are made by brewers, judges, and experts, but what does the general public think? Well, the closest to that may be the list from Untappd (you can friend me at Some might be surprised at Tripel Karmeliet from Brouwerij Bosteels, but then reassured that Miller Lite, Heineken, and Yeungling Lager made the list and Guinness topped it!

And what do you do if you want to have a drink or two, and don’t like craft beer or seltzer and one bottle of wine is just too much? That’s probably where Canned low-alcohol wines have come in and they’re expected to gain a lot of traction in the coming year. Canned wines are certainly fairly new, but canned wine with a 5% - 6% ABV is a growing global trend, being driven by the younger American market’s palates. The story also has a link to boxed wines making a comeback 

And a bonus fight! That thankfully didn’t happen. Bud Light and Yuengling almost had a tiff, but thankfully cooler heads seem to have prevailed. It all stemmed from an alleged trampling of the trademarked phrase “next generation of light beer." This is the best non-fight between the two since Yuengling said “Get off my lawn." about two years ago! Read more at

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Remember - don’t drink and drive, stay safe, drive sober and support the booze that supports your local community.

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