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Want a beer with some History. Atlas Obscura sat down with Sam Caliglione of Dogfish Head to talk about Historical beers. Sam’s been tackling them since 1990. One beer in the article is a porter made from a recipe George Washington shared in a letter in 1757. It’s now part of the “Ales of the Revolution” series by Yard’s Brewing.

Now that the rumors have been dispelled, Grey Goose is returning to the shelves in markets where it’s been conspicuously absent. What Rumors? It was alleged that Grey Goose wasn’t Kosher! Rabbi Dayan cleared up any confusion, writing “I hereby come to clarify unequivocally in an unambiguous way that all the alcohol that is brought to the Grey Goose factory is produced from wheat which grows in the Picardie region in France (and not grapes),”. Check out the article that hopes to help undo the damage

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Em made a great “Beer and Holiday Pairings” that I’m going to browse through the holidays with

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