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One thing’s for sure, there are now more options than ever in craft brewing and that shows by the list of The 12 Best New Breweries of 2021. One outfit, Rescue Club Brewing, stands out on that list. Zero Gravity Brewing, along with Citizen Cider Co-Founder Kris Nelson, developed proprietary technology to craft a beer that’s fun, approachable, and delicious - while also alcohol-free.

As hard seltzer now seems to be everywhere a new contender is on the market Funny Water launches as an “alternative to carbonated alcoholic beverages.” The creators say “If you’re not a fan of bubbles and the bloat that often comes with carbonation, your starting point was typically 14%. We saw a unique opportunity to fill this void, creating a lower-alcohol entry point for a widely underserved consumer.”

And while the legal drinking age doesn’t seem to be going anywhere - there’s a new push to lower the legal serving age to 17. The Detroit News story claims that Northern Michigan needs service workers and the pandemic made that need the number one issue for bars and restaurants, according to the executive director of the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association. I'm sure it’s an issue that affects many other areas currently having a heck of a time with staffing

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