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Today is #NationalBartenderDay - while we should appreciate them every day, some people go the extra mile today - letting them choose your drink, dropping extra tips, and making their job a little bit easier. Use #NationalBartenderDay to share your stories and appreciation on social media. Bartender Appreciation Day was started by Sailor Jerry Rum in 2011 to honor hard-working bartenders everywhere.

If you’re drinking at home, Drake’s Organic Spirits in Minneapolis, Minnesota is launching an addition to its Boxtail lineup that was introduced last year. The newest boxed wine-style RTD is Drake’s Perfect Margarita Boxtail, made with Drake’s Organic Tequila, triple sec, and lime and other citrus juice. Drake’s Margarita Boxtail is at 12% abv and retails for ~$20 a 1.75-liter. Drakes currently ships to 44 states.

Vermont’s former Maple Valley Ski Area is going to have a rebirth. On Thursday, the owners met with state officials to continue the process of renovating the base lodge into a brewery and distillery with a tasting room seating 100 people. The site was also previously used as a live music venue and plans to reintroduce similar events. They also plan to add a vineyard in the future.

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