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Sometimes a beverage was crafted to get headlines and, I think that is true of two stories today - but what the heck! Lays has now created their own potato Vodka! Eastside Distilling worked with Lays, and the potatoes they make the chips with, to blend with Lay’s proprietary potatoes. No Sour Cream and Onion or BBQ flavors here (yet anyway) it’s a straight vodka with a crisp, clean finish.

Now for the second… A Soda Flavored Beer? Yup - it’s a thing now… if it wasn’t already. Islla Street Brewing has created the side flavored beer - a Berliner Weisse that’s bright red, sour, and apparently goes really well with barbacoa tacos. Yesterday marked the second drop and, according to their site, is already sold out online!

Sometimes, when you have a tasting of any drink - you can be surprised by the winner. Apparently, that’s what happened to a team who assembled to test the ‘best bourbons of 2021’. The top five included Bob Dylan’s Heaven’s Door - Master’s Edition, Woodinville Port Cask, and (the winner) Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. I’ll say this - I had some Elijah Craig this summer and it was fantastic, though I’m no judge.

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