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Checking out the 10Best lists - Vermont was well represented

• Best Cidery - Citizen Cider #8

• Best New Brewery - Red Clover Ale Company #7

• Best Craft Vodka Distillery - Smugglers Notch Distillers, Barr Hill, and Vermont Spirits Distilling Co.

• Best Gin Distillery - Barr Hill

All the 10 Best at

Tis the season for mulled wines. You might want to buy some off the shelf, or you could make your own. Traditional glögg spices include clove, cardamom, ginger, orange, and cinnamon sticks. Home mixologists can make an infusion, or simply heat the wine up on the stove with the spices to meld the flavor. Experts recommend shiraz and cabernet sauvignon, but in a pinch, Merlot would work too. More at

If Stouts and Porters are more your speed for wintry drinks, maybe look to chocolate flavors with your beer! Personally, I’d compare this list of Rogue, Yeungling, Faction, and others to a comparable beer I could find locally - but these are all a good start for the chocolatey goodness!

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Remember - don’t drink and drive, stay safe, drive sober and support the booze that supports your local community.

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