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It’s a wonderful time of the year - not Christmas - it’s when breweries start the early reveal of next year’s release calendar!

And mark me as wrong, I thought that Stouts were the more popular style this time of year - but it’s actually Hazy IPA’s (and red wine) that own the winter months! If you’re having a hard time choosing one, and don’t have a local brewery whose brews knock your socks off - this list from HopCulture might help you find a widely available (but still great) IPA in a store near you.

It looks like Drizly plans to stock up on RTD’s and craft beer that stores well - especially in areas with a lot of rain or snow in the winter months. Apparently, sales spike when it’s not great outside (which makes sense, but the numbers prove it). Several other interesting, if a bit of a dry read, news tidbits on the top predictions by Drizly for this winter are at

Science and beer have finally come together. I mean - outside of the in-house labs that exist to make sure the yeast is working at top efficiency and everything meets quality standards. No - I mean the pharmaceutical and biotech industry’s R&D company and Pizza Port Brewing Co. have collaborated to create “The Local Experiment”. Apparently, the two are practically neighbors and celebrate two of San Diego’s most famous attributes - biotech and beer - learn more at

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