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Did you know that yesterday we celebrated the United States' only Constitutional Holiday? #NationalRepealDay is December 5th and celebrates the end of prohibition. The Temperance Movement started in the 1800s and finally ended up with prohibition on January 16, 1919. It ended many breweries, distilleries and led to laws that still have echoes today. However, December 5th, 1933 saw the end of prohibition. So raise a glass. Find out more at

Burlington Vermont is a hotbed of beer, and now it’s also home to a cooperative brewery - Full Barrel Co-op Brewery & Taproom. They’re now officially licensed to brew beer by the state of Vermont. So what’s a Cooperative Brewery? To oversimplify - it’s a group of people choosing to work together toward a common goal. In this case Beer. Rather than shortchange what they’re doing, the FAQ at their website is probably the best place to get more info

Stouts are, undoubtedly popular, especially this time of year for many people. Like many beers, it can be a building block for adding all manner of other flavors. S’mores, waffles, raspberries, and chocolates are just some that come to mind. VinePair has a recipe they share called “Choose Your Own Adventure Stout” and some ways to make it your own - from milk, oatmeal to imperial, and pastry stouts. Think of it like the LEGO baseplate that you start a build from. I might just have to brew this one soon!

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