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As I was perusing Tröeg's blog on some of their cheeses - like Grand Cacao and Mad Elf - I saw they have a post on making an Instagram-worthy charcuterie spread. Of course, they want you to use the cheese they made with Caputo Brothers Creamery, but grab some local beer/cheese collars and go to town on your own spread. Fid those posts and more at

If you are in the world of Golf and Beer, you might know Tom Bedell. He’s the sole member of both the Golf Writers Association of America and the North American Guild of Beer Writers. The Vermont writer and beer drinker put together a list I can find no fault with - except I haven’t completed it (yet) of “The 12 Days of Christmas (With a Beer Twist). It’s waiting for you at Sports Illustrated

And I hear the words “Cape May, NJ” all the time from several I know who travel there… not to meet the cast of Jersey Shore - but to photograph bird migrations. Well, there’s now another reason to migrate there - because Cape May Brewing and The Original Fudge Kitchen have collaborated on Chocolate Fudge Stout, it’s a part of the brewery's 10-year anniversary celebration series of limited-run beers. In my book there’s never a bad time for a stout or fudge, but especially when they’re together! The beer has chocolate rye, chocolate malt, and - of course - the Original Fudge Kitchen’s chocolate fudge for flavoring.

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