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Did you know that 17% of all champagne delivered is during the month of December, while March and April are the slowest months? Also - you don’t have to fork over $200 for a bottle of Dom Perignon (though you could) - you can also get winners for around $75 like Veuve Clicquot or about $20 for La Marca Prosecco. Check out the recommended bottles of bubbly at https://nypost.com/2021/12/16/toast-the-new-year-with-the-best-champagnes-and-sparkling-wines/

Or maybe you’re sticking to beer, well you should have the best beer available for this time of year, right? Apparently, I’m not alone in this being my favorite time of year for stouts, porters, and the like - this list features one I nearly bought earlier today (but there’s always tomorrow, right?) Briefcase Porter from Exhibit “A” Brewing in Massachusetts, Smoke and Dagger Black Lager from Jack’s Abbey, and Straight Jacket Barleywine Ale from Revolution Brewing. Check out the rest at https://coolmaterial.com/food-drink/best-craft-beer-winter-2021/

And if it’s just too daunting to go out into the world, or maybe it’s just too cozy on the couch, delivery of your booze is an ever-growing option. You might only know about one or two on this list - but Forbes vetted 14 services. Small local delivery services also seem to be popping up all over - so check with your local bottle and can dispensary to see if you’re in the dark! Check out the full list at https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbes-personal-shopper/2021/12/27/alcohol-delivery-services/


I just heard that Em Sauter’s latest book “Hooray for Craft Beer!: An Illustrated Guide to Beer” is in select stores now, if you can’t find it near you, or you still want stuff shipped to you - you can find it on Amazon.com https://amzn.to/32IhdrO


The Best Cocktail Mixers, ice in wine (?), and more as we get ready to kick 2021 to the curb!

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Remember - don’t drink and drive, stay safe, drive sober and support the booze that supports your local community.

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